Christians called to be peacemakers ahead of US midterm elections

Christians are being urged to vote - and show civility - ahead of the US midterm elections on Tuesday.

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, said the recent media reports of lawmakers receiving suspicious packages, being chased out of restaurants, or having their homes vandalised made for 'one horrifying story after another'.

He is appealing to Christians to model respectful disagreement as Americans head to the polls.

'As Christians, we need to lead the way and show our friends and families that we can disagree about important issues, yet still be respectful and civil to one another,' he said.

'We need to be able to come around the dinner table and engage with one another despite differing opinions. Violence and threats of violence are cowardly responses, and Christ has called us to the exact opposite.'

He went on to say that Christians have a 'moral obligation' to vote and the responsibility to be peacemakers in their communities.

'Christ urged us to be peacemakers in our homes and our communities. I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly important this is today. Some peacemaking is needed now more than ever,' he said.

Samaritan's Purse CEO the Rev Franklin Graham is asking Christians to pray to God for wisdom before casting their ballot.

Speaking to Fox and Friends on Saturday, Graham said Tuesday's vote is 'probably the most important midterm election in my lifetime'.

'The stakes are very high,' he said.

'The courts, the economic growth of our country – which helps all of us, regardless of our faith – we're all benefitting from a strong economy.

'I would certainly ask people to consider what's at stake, and to pray before you vote.'