Christian teacher who challenged school's trans policy takes legal action after losing job

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A Christian teacher is taking legal action after she lost her job following a dispute over the local council and school's transgender policy.

The teacher disagreed with the approach taken towards a transitioning pupil at her school - named only as Child X.

The local council instructed all staff at the school to refer to Child X by their chosen name and pronouns, and allow them to use facilities for the opposite sex.

None of the parties involved in the case can be identified for legal reasons.

The teacher challenged the policy, arguing that it was not based on medical evidence and went against safeguarding procedures, putting the child's health and welfare at risk. 

The school and council disagreed with her concerns, prompting her to seek a judicial review.

She was later dismissed by the school for allegedly divulging confidential information to her lawyers and the court. 

The school reported the teacher to the Information Commissioner but it found no evidence of a criminal offence and decided that no further action would be taken.

She was also reported to the teaching regulator for an alleged confidentiality breach, and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), both of which are still investigating. 

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), the teacher has brought a claim in Employment Tribunal against the school for allegedly victimising her for whistleblowing, unfair dismissal, and religious discrimination.

A hearing is expected to be held in August 2024.

Commenting on her decision to take legal action, she said, "Teachers are being bullied not to question trans affirming policies when evidence shows that the actual result of the approach is to put the welfare of children at serious risk.

"I am determined to pursue justice over how I have been treated, but my number one concern and motivation is to protect this child and other children in this country from harm."

CLC chief executive, Andrea Williams, said that many schools and teachers were "terrified" of being labelled 'transphobic' and criminals, or reported to regulators, while parents' concerns are being "ignored".

"If a teacher raises a safeguarding concern about a gender confused child, they are bullied, labelled transphobic, sacked, reported as a potential criminal and face never being able to teach again," she said.

"Society has lost its moral compass. How did we ever decide that it would be helpful for children to be taught that they might be born in the wrong body? How is it helpful for distressed children to encourage them down a path of 'changing gender' with all the associated medical intervention?"

She added, "The Department for Education must look closely at this case and take appropriate action to protect teachers, who often hold Christian beliefs on these issues, from being hounded out of the profession for opposing or even questioning transgender ideology."