Christian summer camp in Greece burned down in forest fire

A Christian summer camp in Greece has been burned down as the country faced an onslaught of summer forest fires.

The 'Kalamos' camp, run by the Greek Evangelical Church, is based in the area of Kalamos and the Holy Apostles, north of Athens. But the camp was set ablaze when a forest fire began in the mountain region, according to Evangelical Focus.

A firefighter tries to quell a wildfire burning near the village of Kalamos, north of Athens, Greece, August 13, 2017.Reuters

The crisis saw as many as 150 firefighters and 68 vehicles, including fire trucks and water-dropping planes, summoned to combat the blaze and stop its spread, but not before the Christian camp was hit.

'Our camp burned down from the flames of the forest fire. The fire left only remaining of metal elements and buildings', wrote camp president Stamatis Voliotis on his Facebook page, according to Greece Update.

Voliotis added: 'The picture is tragic! That does not mean, that the beauty of the place we knew, its perfume, the joy, the happy moments and blessings we experienced in every corner of His camp and camp are forgotten or covered by the smoke!'

The fire was reportedly brought under control by the fire department on Wednesday. An official record of the camp's losses is expected in the next few days, but no one from the camp was injured.

Greece has faced a tirade of as many as 55 forest fires this summer, where high temperatures in the region can often cause dangerous conditions.

Additional reporting by Reuters