Christian doctors send £300k of medical supplies to Ukraine

(Photo: Getty/iStock)

Over £300,000 worth of medical supplies are being shipped to frontline doctors in Ukraine.

The shipments have been made possible by a fundraising appeal by the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA).

Proceeds from the campaign will be used to resource and support Christian doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals providing medical care and aid to those affected by the war.

In addition to medical supplies, donations are being used to support the evacuation of international medical students and provide aid for refugees.

Shipments of medical supplies and drugs have already arrived at a warehouse in Lviv run by the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (CMAU) where they are being distributed to hospitals, health centres and paramedics in the warzone.

Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of ICMDA, said, "Doctors on the ground in Ukraine tell us they deal daily with many wounded and injured people, in addition to refugees fleeing with all the usual medical conditions.

"The worldwide response by Christian doctors and dentists to the Ukraine Appeal has been heartwarming. Their generosity has meant that we can obtain much needed medical supplies and get them to where they are most needed."

Dr Rudi Migovich, President of the CMAU, said, "We have civilians with chronic health needs and hospitals in the war zone that urgently require medical supplies.

"There are good hospitals and good doctors and nurses here, but they need help with medical materials.

"What has been sent so far is making a real difference and will save lives here, but we need more. Thank you to everyone who has contributed."

As part of the appeal, Christian medical professionals in the UK are procuring surplus and redundant stocks of medical supplies from hospitals here, to be sent to Ukraine.

Dr John Greenall, Associate CEO of CMF, which co-launched the appeal and is coordinating the UK response, said, "We know there is a huge surplus of medical material in the UK. Every ward, theatre, and surgery have cupboards full of supplies that are no longer useful here.

"We encourage members to seek permission to send these items to Ukraine through this appeal. This is the moment to make something that might otherwise go to waste – make a difference and help save lives."