Christian college wins lawsuit against expelled transgender student

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A Christian university in California won a lawsuit this week against a transgender student they expelled.

Domaine Javier sued California Baptist University for kicking her out of the school when they found out she was really a male. Javier indicated on her school application that she was a female.

The university performed a routine background check on the student, and discovered that Javier was on an MTV reality show – "True Life: I'm Passing as Someone I'm Not." The show chronicled Javier as she lives life as a female, which is what she considers herself.

"For me, transgender is a person born in the wrong body," Javier told Inquisitr. "Like me, I think of myself as female, but I was born in the wrong body – physically incorrect."

Javier said that she has been thinking and behaving like a female since the age of 13, and selected her "self-perceived" sex on the application form instead of her biological sex.

The lawsuit alleged breach of an implied contract, breach of contract, violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act, and other charges. Unruh is a California law prohibiting discrimination based on sex, religion, national origin, color, disability, sexual orientation, and other protected classes.

Superior Court Judge Gloria Connor Trask found that the college had not violated Unruh or breached any contracts, implied or explicit. Judge Trash did find, however, that California Baptist was wrong for banning Javier from participating in off-campus services, which are open to the general public.

The school had to pay $4,000 to Javier in addition to paying her attorney fees. Javier will also be able to take online classes. Both parties are appealing the decision.

In Oregon, Christian college George Fox University also won a judgment this week against one of their transgender students.

Jayce Marcus filed a Title IX complaint against the school after they would not allow him to live with roommates on campus. They offered the student a room on campus with no roommates, but Marcus refused.

George Fox University was granted a religious exemption to the Title IX amendment, which requires gender equality in educational institutions.

"The university sought this exemption to preserve its right to draw on its religious convictions to handle situations related to students experiencing gender identity issues," the school said in a statement. "Other colleges have received similar Title IX exemptions in the past."

George Fox University stated that it will continue to strive to meet the needs of their students in these changing societal and legal times.

"Providing appropriate housing for transgender students continues to be a challenge at religious and nonreligious institutions across the country," they wrote.