Christian author reveals 'disillusioned' Iranians are turning to Jesus Christ

A Christian author has revealed that Christianity in Iran is growing as the country becomes increasingly disillusioned by the "authoritarian and economically incompetent" Islamic government, and has urged the international community to allow this hope to develop before considering any attack on the country.

"Any attack on Iran over her nuclear programme would be a cruel disaster for all Iranians," says the author in his new book, 'Iran: Open Hearts In A Closed Land'.

The book by Mark Bradley, a pseudonym to protect the author's real identity, explains, "As well as causing untold misery for hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians, it could also end the church growth Iran has been experiencing."

Bradley continues to suggest there is currently a deep dissatisfaction with the Islamic regime in Iran, and this has paved the way for a growing interest in Jesus Christ and Christianity in the country.

"At the moment, there is deep disillusionment among Iranians with their Islamic government, which is seen as offensively authoritarian and economically incompetent. This has created an unprecedented interest in Jesus Christ," he stated.

"Today, Iranians will pay what is for them a lot of money on the black market to get a New Testament, thousands are watching Christian programmes on satellite TV, and some are joining the growing underground church."

The author warned against any foreign policy that may hinder this growth, saying, "This could all end if the bombs began to fall. America is seen by Iranians as being a Christian power, so any attack on Iran would inevitably turn people against the Christian faith.

"It would also strengthen the extreme hard liners who might accuse Christians of following the faith of Iran's enemies, and they would step up their efforts to eliminate the church."

He added: "If there is no attack, the Iranian church looks set to grow".

His book details the disillusionment that has built up in Iran since 1979, and shows why Iranians, with their strong non Islamic identity, find Jesus Christ the natural person to turn to.

"Christ reminds them of their Shia heroes: Ali who campaigned for the poor; Hussein who died for a righteous cause; and Mehdi who is to return to restore justice," he says. "Iran is also soaked in Sufism, mysticism, so when told to expect Jesus to touch them in a supernatural way, this is not unfamiliar for Iranians."