Christian artist 'banned' from her own exhibition takes legal action against local council

Artist Victoria Culf(Photo: The Christian Legal Centre)

A Christian artist is taking legal action against a local council after claiming she was banned from her own exhibition after making trans-critical comments.

Victoria Culf said she was talking with a council employee while setting up an art exhibition at Watford Museum when she said she thought it was harmful for children to try and change their sex.

It emerged during their conversation that the employee's child was "socially transitioning" and had sought puberty blockers from the controversial Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic.

Culf said that she politely and sensitively explained that she could not agree with this because of her Christian beliefs and that she "wouldn't be being true to myself" if she did.

The artist said that she was later called by the council and told her there had been an allegation of 'harassment' and that she could not enter the exhibition without giving 24 hours' notice in order to 'safeguard' the council worker.

She says she was also told she was being investigated by the police for a 'hate crime', although the police have confirmed to The Times that her comments did not meet the threshold, and Watford Borough Council said it had not reported her.

She is taking legal action against Watford Borough Council claiming breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, misfeasance in public office, negligence, intimidation, defamation, conspiracy, and malicious falsehood.

Launching the legal claim, Mrs Culf said, "My conscience and Christian beliefs will not allow me to lie over something that I believe to be very harmful. Are we supposed to be silent and allow the harm to continue unchecked?

"We are now living in a culture where for just expressing opposition to transgender ideology, even politely, can lead to you being reported to the police. I am aware that me speaking out could be 'commercial suicide', but I am not prepared to be silent on these issues and I don't want this to happen to anyone else."

She added, "I am determined to fight for justice and to speak about what has happened to me. I believe there are probably many other Christian artists, and artists from all walks of life, who have been treated similarly and have had to suffer in silence."

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting her case, said: "Victoria has the courage to speak into her colleague's situation because of her love for Jesus and love for her colleague and their child.

"It is a disturbing trend in society when Victoria, who was motivated by kindness and compassion, is subjected to such extreme punishment merely for expressing Christian truth.

"Allowing and encouraging a child to take puberty blockers is harmful. To be punished for expressing concern on this shows us how all pervasive and tyrannical the trans lobby has become.

"We cannot allow this trans tyranny in our culture to trample over beliefs that are protected in law, backed by expert evidence and which truly safeguard vulnerable children.

"Sanity must prevail. The fear that professionals feel over speaking truth on these must end."