Christian governor dismissed for questioning school's sex ed policy is reinstated

(Photo: Getty/iStock)

The High Court has ordered the reinstatement of a Christian governor who was dismissed for questioning the trans-affirming sex education policy at her children's primary school. 

The mother, whose identity has not been disclosed to protect her children, was removed from the school's governing body after challenging its Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy in March 2021.  

The policy at the school, which has also not been named, encouraged children to question their own gender identity and taught that gender identity could be different from biological sex and exist anywhere on a scale from 0 to 100. 

Her dismissal in June 2022 triggered an automatic five-year ban on serving on the governing body of any school in England. 

The High Court has now quashed her dismissal, branding it unlawful, after she launched a legal challenge that was supported by The Christian Institute.

An appeal to the Department for Education to intervene in her case has not yet been met with a response. 

Commenting on the outcome, she said, "I was concerned at the devastation that might be done to children from teaching gender ideology. I'm absolutely delighted that I've been vindicated.

"It feels wonderful to be back and helping the school get the best outcomes for all the children there."

Ciarán Kelly, Deputy Director of The Christian Institute, said: "Had this decision stood, it would have sent a terrible message to school governors.

"Parents too would be justifiably fearful that those tasked with ensuring their children's education is lawful and appropriate may be more interested in not 'rocking the boat' than doing what is right. Rightly, [she] has now been reinstated.

"We hope her success will reassure parents, inspire more Christians to take up the rewarding role of being a school governor, and encourage existing governors seeking to do what is best for their schools – especially when it comes to upholding the reality of biological sex.

"Likewise, we trust it will discourage any schools inclined to silence such views."

Draft guidance for schools on transgenderism is due to be published by the Department for Education after being delayed for half a year.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently ordered an urgent review into RSE "to ensure that schools are not teaching inappropriate or contested content" in lessons.