Christian Aid food warehouse struck by Russian missiles

The food packages were all destroyed.(Photo: Christian Aid)

A Christian Aid food warehouse was one of the buildings hit when Russian missiles struck the hometown of Ukraine's Eurovision entrant on Saturday.

The warehouse contained food packages worth over £12,000 that were going to be distributed on Ukraine's Mother's Day last Sunday. 

The attack on Ternopil took place while Ukrainian electronic music duo Tvorchi were representing Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest in Liverpool. 

The warehouse was destroyed but no staff were injured in the attack, Christian Aid said.

The destroyed food packages will be replaced using donations made by the UK public during the DEC Ukraine appeal.

Ivan Hontar, the head of Christian Aid's local partner charity Light of Reformation, said, "Our warehouse with humanitarian aid, which also served as a hub for inter-church coordination in our region, was completely demolished."

Christian Aid's Ukraine Programme Manager, Lizz Harrison, added: "This latest attack on a non-military target shows the risks taken by our Ukrainian partners every day to ensure humanitarian aid reaches those who need it most."