Chris Pratt uses MTV awards thank-you speech to tell people 'God is real'

Chris Pratt accepts the Generation Award.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt took the spotlight at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Monday when he used his acceptance speech for the 'Generation Award' to tell the audience that God is real and loves them.

In his acceptance speech, Pratt thanked his family, friends and his son Jack before passing on nine life rules, which he injected with a few humorous life tips.

'Breathe. If you don't, you will suffocate,' the actor said, sharing his first tip. Pratt followed it up with another tip that included a reference to his faith, saying, 'You have a soul, be careful with it.'

Some of the more lighthearted advice imparted by the actor included tips on how to administer medicine to a dog and go to the toilet at a party without attracting attention.

Pratt also addressed bullying by encouraging people to use their strength to protect the weak. In another rule, the actor told the audience to do a good deed and '[r]each out to someone in pain.'

The 'Jurassic World' star put his faith in full view when he got to rule number six. 'God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do,' he said, as reported by Faithwire.

In rule number eight, the actor encouraged the audience to '[l]earn to pray. It's easy, and it is so good for your soul.'

Pratt concluded his acceptance speech by reminding people that nobody is perfect.

'You're imperfect. You always will be, but there is a powerful force that designed you that way, and if you are willing to accept that, you will have grace. And grace is a gift. Like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, that grace was paid for with somebody else's blood. Do not forget it. Don't take it for granted,' Pratt said, according to CBN News.

The video of Pratt's speech has since been viewed over one million times on YouTube as of June 21.

Pratt, who announced his separation from his wife, Anna Faris last August, has previously been seen with his son, Jack, attending Zoe Church at the Del Rey Theater in Los Angeles.

He revealed back in December that he was reading books by Zoe Church's pastor, Chad Veach, to keep his faith strong.