'Chasing Life' season 2 spoilers: Brenna's struggles revealed in episode 3

Things may be looking good for April (Italia Ricci) despite her second bout with cancer, but it may not be the same for her younger sister Brenna (Haley Ramm) in season 2 of "Chasing Life."

Brenna's struggles will be the focus of the show's third episode, showing how the teenager feels about everything that is happening to her sister and the things around her.

The official synopsis for the episode titled "Life of Brenna" reads:

Being a teenager is never easy, but for Brenna it is even harder living in the shadows of perfect April. Brenna feels trapped, complaining about anything – especially having to leave her school in the face of all that April is dealing with. How can she complain about her life when her sister is fighting for her own? The only person she feels she can turn to is Natalie (Jessica Meraz), which may push April and Brenna further apart. Meanwhile, Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) tries to start over with his mother (Ileana Douglas) and April shops for the perfect wedding dress." 

Meanwhile, Ramm talked about what's in store for Brenna for the rest of the season in an interview with KSiteTV early this month. According to the actress, viewers should look forward to the big sisterly fight that Brenna and April will have in episode 3. She said that the cast enjoyed filming that scene because of all the drama and the love that emerged from their characters during that time. 

Ramm also said that Brenna will have a new love interest this season. In season 1, the character had a complicated love life when she dated her former boss Kieran (Augusto Aguilera) then realized that she is bisexual when she fell in love with popular girl Greer. However, she and Greer already decided to end their relationship on good terms. 

"Chasing Life" season 2 episode 3 airs on July 20 on ABC Family.