Chaplain still praying for miracles

Alf Cooper accompanied Chilean miner Jose Henriquez on his tour of Britain last year as he told the story of his amazing rescue along with 32 colleagues. Alf is still praying for miracles and he seems to be seeing his prayers answered.

On 3 August, Alf, a Protestant chaplain to the President of Chile, found himself worriedly surveying the skies, staring at Google weather maps and praying hard. That afternoon 800 children were due to surround the presidential palace to pray for the nation as part of ‘Children Pray for Chile Day’.

With Chile’s first lady Cecilia Morel due to attend, a downpour would have been a major disaster. “All the Google weathers, Accuweathers shouted ‘rain’ at us. So we prayed!” says Alf. “I even asked God for some sun as an added touch of his approval of the event.”

As it happened the morning was totally dry and the prayer chain of youngsters surrounded the palace. “The First Lady was delighted, taking part regally, backing our right to educate our children according to the Bible,” Alf continues.

“Once gathered in the Plaza de la Constitution, I told the children that we had prayed that it would not rain (cheers from the kids) and that I even asked for some sunshine so they could expect the sun to appear through the clouds at some time during the event.

“Blow me down if at that precise instant the clouds didn’t break and the sun became visible. How the children clapped at God’s show for them. I guess it was one of those moments they will never forget.”