Change 'before you have to'

One pastor is encouraging people to start their new year with a new beginning not because they have to, but because it's good for them.

Pastor Rob Ketterling has made a new 10-day guide to help people seeking authentic change in their lives.

The guide is based on his latest book, "Change Before You Have To", on and The Bible App.

"What if we decided to change before we have to instead of because we have to?" asks Ketterling, in "Change Before You Have To," released last autumn by Influence Resources, the publisher of the Assemblies of God.

His YouVersion plan provides encouragement and an outline for seeing real change.

Ketterling explains in his book how he made the changes he knew he needed to make, before waiting for a catastrophe to push him into making them.

He outlines changes people can make in the areas of:
· Finance
· Relationships
· Educational and Professional Growth
· Spirituality
· Health and Exercise

The Bible App and are Bible engagement tools accessible via the web, mobile app, or any web-enabled mobile device. YouVersion currently has more than 400 different translations, in over 200 languages.

Ketterling is the founder and lead pastor of River Valley Church, with over 5,000 members across six locations in Minnesota's Twin Cities Metro area, as well as Valencia, Spain.