'Castle' season 8: Rick and Kate get back together; will their reunion pull up the show's ratings?

Castle and Beckett found themselves together in the previous episode of 'Castle' season 8.Facebook.com/Castle

The premiere of "Castle's" season 8 left the show's fans devastated over the end of the "Caskett" shipping. However toward the end of the midseason finale, the estranged couple fixed their issues and got back together, which also made fans happy.

When the show returns next month, Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) will still be in a broken relationship — but to the relief of fans, it will be all for show.

In an interview with Zap2It, show runner, Terence Paul Winter shared what's going to happen to "Caskett" and what fans will expect when the show returns from its winter break.

According to Winter, Rick and Kate will still pretend that their relationship has been ruined whenever they are in public. Secretly, though, they will continue to be very much together.

Winter also added that the couple will fight occasionally in public, but when they get home they'll be "sneaking around and sleeping with each other."

The breakup plot may have been what made season 8 a shocking season and fans have continued to hope for their reunion, which really happened. But what's the future like for the two characters and the show?

Several reports about season 8 being cancelled are making the rounds online. According to CarterMatt, ever since the season's premiere back in September, "Castle's" numbers have dropped.

The news outlet gathered that the ratings continuously fall when fans saw the breakup twist. In addition, before the premiere, some viewers may have decided to bail out on the show.

"Blindspot" is also taking the Monday nights slot, which makes it a good rival for "Castle."

But knowing that Kate and Rick are now back together, will the ratings in the upcoming episodes change? Millions of viewers have come to love the humor of both characters and their on-screen chemistry.

Now that they're back together, it's expected that they will show more interesting storylines and hopefully add more humor to get viewers to fall in love with the show again.