Carlos Santana shares the time his Christian faith stopped him from committing suicide

Musician Carlos Santana attempted suicide seven times, but he still lives thanks to God.(Photo: Facebook/Carlos Santana)

Not a lot of Carlos Santana's fans might know this, but the "Maria Maria" singer actually attempted to kill himself seven times. He says it's only through the grace of God that he still alive today.

Santana told The Rolling Stone back in 2000 that he had a miserable life growing up, starting with his father abandoning him. When he was 10 years old, he was even repeatedly molested by a friend's father who bribed him in exchange for his silence.

Santana bottled up his guilt and fear, and thought suicide was the only answer to his problems. But because of the prodding of his ex-wife Deborah, Santana opened his heart to God and the church.

"I became a born-again Christian to appease her, so to speak," Santana revealed, although Deborah never doubted his faith: "It blesses him. He's had some wonderful spiritual experiences that he's shared with me that I know are real."

But as his marriage crumbled, Santana's past demons came to haunt him. It was only by going to a local church that the musician found Jesus' voice. He even learned to forgive his oppressor.

"I was able to remove the anger by forgiving that man... Forgiveness, man, forgiveness is incredibly liberating. And I'm here to tell you, with all my heart and spirit, that it can be done. You can be freed," he assured.

But aside from God, music was truly healing for Santana. One of the bands Santana really looks up to is the Beatles, and he credits their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, particularly George Harrison's side two opener "Within You Without You," as his saving grace.

"That song brought me from being scattered and into a fear ocean into a place where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I could be a healer on this planet," he told Billboard. "So I thank the Beatles, especially George Harrison, for Sgt. Pepper 'cause that song gave me a clarity, a sense of purpose and intentionality for the rest of my life."