British woman who joined ISIS calls for beheading of Christians

The Twitter profile picture for Umm Hussain Al-Britiani, the alias for Sally Jones

A British woman who converted to Islam has joined ISIS forces in Syria and called for the beheading of Christians on Twitter.

Sally Jones, 40, who left Britain for Syria last year, is thought to be using the name Umm Hussain or Sakinah Hussain, and uses the name Umm Hussain al-Britani on Twitter, the Sunday Times reported.

In a recent tweet that has since been deleted she said: "You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa... Come here I'll do it for you!"

Her Twitter bio features a quote from Osama bin Laden: "If our messages could reach you by words, then they wouldn't have travelled by planes".

Once part of an all-girl rock band, Jones converted to Islam after meeting convicted computer hacker turned jihadi, Junaid Hussain, online.

Hussain, 20, was convicted for releasing personal information about Tony Blair online. He also blocked a government anti-terror hotline by sending 100 prank calls to the line. He travelled to Syria in July 2013 while on police bail from an alleged violent disorder offence in Birmingham.

Jones followed Hussain to Syria a few months later, and appears to have married him. It is not known whether Jones' two children went with her to Syria or remain in Britain.

Hussain has since joined Islamic State fighters and is one of two British men suspected of killing American photojournalist James Foley, who was pictured in a video showing his beheading by the Islamic State in August.

A video of Jones performing in a rock concert in 1999 was uploaded to YouTube by her brother but was removed from the site this weekend. The comments below the video suggested Jones used a number of aliases online.

The identities were traced back to a council house in Kent, where Jones lived five years ago. At the time she was unemployed.

When the Sunday Times contacted her on Twitter this weekend making it clear that they knew the name of her youngest son, she began deleting tweets.

Few tweets remain, mostly quotes from the Qu'ran, including:

This morning Umm Hussain tweeted: