'Bones' season 11 spoilers: Angela and Hodgins go through rough times

Hodgins and AngelaFox

"Bones" season 11 will officially start with Booth (David Boreanaz) missing, which will put the spotlight on Angela (Michaela Conlin) and her husband Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). However, according to a report from TVLine, this doesn't mean that things will go smoothly for the couple.

"They have a really interesting, emotional, powerful arc," executive producer Jonathan Collier explained in the report. "We're taking them on a ride." 

This was later echoed by executive producer Michael Peterson who stated, "In Episode 10, everything will change for them."

Angela and Hodgins initially planned to spend time in Paris but as seen in the season 10 finale, that honeymoon was canned as they decided to stay at the Jeffersonian just as Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) decided to move away from it and from the FBI.

Because Booth and Brennan will not be together, their dynamics are expected to be covered by Angela and Hodgins, particularly since they are still with the Jeffersonian. However, as indicated by the show's executive producers, their decision to stay might be the cause of a rift between the two. 

The two forces are expected to collide in season 11 as Angela and Hodgins aid Brennan in finding Booth, alongside guest star Kim Raver, who will come in as Agent Grace Miller. Raver will reportedly be appearing only in the first two episodes of season 11 although the showrunners have not yet confirmed future appearances in the show. 

However, there is no solid confirmation that the two are indeed breaking up. This is heavily hinted by Peterson's statement that by season 11 episode 10, things will change and something drastic will occur that will forever affect the two characters. 

Given that a break-up has not yet been confirmed, it is just as likely that the "change" that will happen may involve someone being killed off in the show or perhaps separating from the FBI.

"Bones" season 11 premieres on Oct. 1.