Blac Chyna won't do work that doesn't align with Bible after getting baptised and quitting OnlyFans

Angela White, formerly Blac Chyna, has left OnlyFans and partying behind after being baptised.(Photo: YouTube/Lecrae)

Blac Chyna says she will only take on work that aligns with her Christian faith after quitting OnlyFans and getting baptised.

The former reality star, who now goes by her birth name of Angela White, told Christian rapper Lecrae on his "Deep End" podcast that she had joined OnlyFans prior to her conversion because she was going through a costly court battle at the time. She eventually lost the lawsuit against the Kardashians.

"Let me tell you, that court case was very, very, very expensive ... I'm looking at the fees, and I'm like, 'OK, I need to finish this out,'" she recalled.

Eventually she decided she had had enough and wanted to turn a new leaf.

"I was honestly just tired of myself and tired of waking up and feeling a certain way when I know for a fact that I'm way smarter than that," she said.

White told Lecrae that she sought out a bishop and was baptised. After some time, she was able to leave her old party lifestyle behind and eventually she shut down her OnlyFans account. Now she's celebrating two years of sober living.

She shared with Lecrae how stopping OnlyFans was a step of faith because she "didn't have a back-up plan". She has been "rolling by faith" ever since.

"I'm all about that grind life now, you know what I mean? Because there's other ways of making it. Even when I stopped the OnlyFans, I didn't have a back-up plan ... That's when faith [came into play]," she said.

Since her conversion, she says she has received some "crazy" job offers that could have made her a lot of money, but she is turning down anything that does not align with her faith.

"This year and last year has just been focusing on working out sobriety [through] the Bible. And if it doesn't, like fall underneath that, then I'm just really not into it," she said.