Bishop of Buckingham congratulates first female bishop in Church of South India

Bishop-designate Eggoni Pushpalalitha

The Bishop of Buckingham has welcomed the election of the first female bishop in the Church of South India.

The Right Reverend Alan Wilson sent a message of congratulations to the partner Diocese of Nandyal on the election of the Reverend Eggoni Pushpalalitha as the new Bishop of Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh.

She is the first female bishop in the Church of South India and the Episcopal Church in Asia.

Bishop Wilson has met Bishop Pushpal several times and said he hoped to meet her again on his forthcoming visit to the diocese.

Her election comes days after the Church of Ireland announced the Reverend Pat Storey as the next Bishop of Meath and Kildare, also the Church's first female bishop.

Bishop-designate Pushpalalitha was expected to be installed on Monday.