Billy Graham offers tips on how to distinguish cults from real Christian groups


There are so many cults nowadays that hide underneath the guise of Christian churches, and world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is warning Christians not to fall for their traps.

Graham says people need to be cautious; otherwise, they will become part of a group that will lead them away from what the Bible teaches.

"While some cults openly deny the Christian faith, others mimic Christian practices and actually claim to believe the Bible, although they deny some of its most important teachings," Graham warns on his Kansas City Star advice column.

In order to distinguish cults from real Christian groups, the evangelist offered three questions and guidelines in evaluation.

"First, what do they believe about the Bible? Is it alone the Word of God (as Christians affirm), or do they add to it or claim they alone have translated it correctly? Second, what do they believe about Jesus? Is he alone the divine son of God, sent from heaven to save us from our sins? Or do they deny this or claim we must work to save ourselves?" he says.

He continues: "Third, what do they believe about other Christians? Do they claim that they, and they alone, have the truth, or do they rejoice that God is also at work elsewhere?"

Graham says cult members will try to mislead people by offering friendship, but he says those who have been fooled by these cults should not feel discouraged because they can always turn back to God.

"God loves you; He loves you so much that He sent His only Son into the world to save you. May you discover this great truth — and you will, as you turn to Jesus Christ and invite Him to come into your life," he says.

After accepting Jesus, Graham says God will lead them to a church where the Bible is preached and taught, and they can grow closer to Christ.