Bill Nye the Science Guy mocks Christian view of sexuality in Netflix show


Bill Nye is using his new Netflix show "Bill Nye Saves The World" to poke fun at Christian beliefs about sexuality.

His show, which premiered on Friday, aims to "explore scientific issues that touch our lives," according to the Washington Times.

However, in the premiere episode, the show tackled the "different flavors of sexuality."

Nye did so by introducing an animated character named "Vanilla," who preached the virtues of purity. However, Vanilla's beliefs were put to the test after other flavors — both male and female — seduced him with suggestive dialogue and behavior.

"Come on, Vanilla. Nobody wants just one flavor of ice cream. Haven't you ever wanted to be in a neapolitan?" one of them asked. Another added: "Come on. It's natural. All-natural cocoa."

A male ice cream cone enticed Vanilla, "And strawberry fresh from the field. And so creamy and delicious. Mmm."

Unable to resist, Vanilla prays to the "Big ice cream in the sky" to help him before licking a male character. "This is on! Oh, yes!" the group cheered as the characters all began licking each other.

After watching the clip, Nye commented that it was pretty "cool" and the studio audience cheered.

Nye's new show has already been criticized by Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham, who said "Bill Nye Saves The World" is all about "exulting man" rather than God.

Ham told The Gospel Herald that Nye's show will try to brainwash people, so they should watch it with caution. "Bill Nye might think he's the savior of the world, but I've got news for Bill Nye: Jesus is the Savior of the world," Ham said before quoting John 3:16: "For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life."

Ham said the Bible makes it clear that people can't save themselves because they are sinners, and the only one who is capable of doing so is Jesus.