Bill Nye: Ken Ham's creationist world view is 'obviously wrong'

Celebrity science educator Bill Nye said in a recent interview that he worries about the indoctrination of the current generation of science students to a worldview that he states is "obviously wrong."

Nye was referring to the creationist worldview that is being promoted by Ken Ham and the organisation Answers in Genesis.

Ham and Nye debated on the topic in February last year, a debate that drew in over two million views on YouTube and which Nye said he emerged "victorious" from.

"This is the big concern of mine ... their relentless, built-in attempts to indoctrinate a generation of science students on a worldview that is obviously wrong," Nye, also known as The Science Guy, continued, according to the National Geographic.

"I worry about these kids—they're part of my society. We can't raise a generation of students who don't understand the fundamental idea in all of life science, any more than you want to raise a generation of kids who don't understand chemistry or physics or arithmetic," he added.

Nye told National Geographic science has been experiencing more criticisms and attacks nowadays, mainly because of the Internet.

He expressed the view that although current methods of information sharing re "fantastic," society has "not matured enough" to be able to sort through bad and good information. 

"If you have enough electronic influence, you can promote ideas—which, in this case, are obviously wrong. But you can do it loud and clear," Nye said of the propagation of information in the current digital age.

Nye took some flak for debating does not regret debating Ham at all. In fact, Nye believes he "bested" his opponent.

The February debate generated an enormous reaction online, receiving nearly 2.8 million YouTube views. Nye stated in an article that he did not anticipate such a response.

"At first, I figured this appearance and this encounter would get about the same amount of notice as a nice college gig," Nye wrote in the Skeptical Inquirer.