'Big Brother' 2014 cast and spoilers; Season 16 premieres on CBS

If there is one reality TV show with endless twists and turns, that's "Big Brother." And with the new season airing in a week's time, there's an abundance of rumors and speculations about who the housemates will be.

According to Breathecast.com, there will be new things in "Big Brother." In the upcoming season 16, there will be two "Head of House" winners. In the previous season, the HoH is awarded with immunity for a week. In the new season, there will be a Battle of the Block where the HoH winners can still be nominated for eviction. Given that there will be two HoH now, there will be four eviction nominees every week.

Further, "Big Brother" season 16 is said to be patterned to "Survivor: Blood vs Water." The contestants have to form a team and battle with a team of their own family members.

Regarding the cast of "Big Brother" 2014, there's a lot of rumors going on. On top of the list are Ian Terry ("Big Brother" 14 champion) and former WWE Champion Sycho Sid Vicious' son Frank Eudy.

The rumor started when Terry posted a fake photo on his Twitter account. He said that he was heading to Houston, but he really wasn't. When the fans found out, they assumed that Terry was entering the "Big Brother" house. Suspicions heightened when Terry deleted the photo.

Other people who are rumored to join the cast are Rachel Reilly and Eric Stein. However, Big Brother Access already posted the complete list of cast for the new season, and there was no sign of any veterans and all-stars there.

But if there's one thing to learn about this reality show, it is to always expect the unexpected. "Big Brother" Season 16 premiers on June 25, at 8 p.m. on CBS.