'Big Bang Theory' news: Cast feuds and salary problem rumors debunked by website

Wikipedia/Gage SkidmoreKaley Cuoco at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International

It seems "Big Bang Theory" is in a hot, tense state, as the rumors resurface regarding cast feuds and salary disputes among the stars of the hit situational comedy (sit-com).

Furthermore, these have been attributed to the show's projected ending after a decade of productive seasons and stellar reception. Website Gossip Cop, however, begs to differ, as it has claimed that it has exclusively debunked the rumors regarding the show.

The rumor says that Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, and Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, were jealous of Jim Parsons being the highest paid actor on the show with an annual salary of $27.5 million. This also makes Parsons, who plays the iconic Sheldon Cooper, the highest-paid actor on Television. This was according to the reports of show business news outlet Star and their anonymous source.

Gossip Cop has claimed this was not true since they have confirmed that both Cuoco and Galecki actually make the exact same amount of money as Parsons per episode, which still stands at $1 million per episode of "Big Bang Theory." In fact, Parsons' higher income was actually due to his deal with central processing unit (CPU) manufacturer Intel and his other side projects.

Star and its sister outlet Radar Online are also being lambasted by Gossip Cop since the two are supposedly spreading inaccurate information about the cast of "Big Bang Theory," where the sources of the two show business media outlets reported that the cast members are no longer on good terms with one another.

Gossip Cop then presented the information of its own insider on CBS who allegedly dismissed all the claims made by Star's insider. A representative for Galecki has also ensured everyone that the rumors surrounding the cast are not true and they are all getting along well.

Still, this does not mean that the show won't be coming to an end, as it was Galecki himself who stated that the show is indeed ending. However, contrary to the rumors, the cast members are comfortable with this executive decision. This means that the show is ending not because of the rumors surrounding the cast.

"Big Bang Theory" is expected to end on its 12th season.