Bibles deemed 'unacceptable' by Aberystwyth University students

(Photo: Reuters)

Bibles in dorm rooms at UK college Aberystwyth University may become obsolete if the majority of students have their way. 

A recent survey by the Student Union found that more than half of students find the religious text "unacceptable" or "uncomfortable" in a public institution, according to the Huffington Post. 

The issue was raised last month by John David Morgan, a university student. Morgan found the default presence of Bibles in the dorms "inappropriate in a multicultural university."

"It could be offensive for some, and the university should provide a safe space for students to explore and develop their beliefs in a neutral environment," he explained.

"Bibles should, however, still be available for those who wish to have them."

Jessica Hearne, a Christian student at Aberystwyth, was offended by the proposal to remove the Bibles. 

"I think it's disgusting for a free Bible in your room to be deemed 'inappropriate,'" she told a student website.

"Athough we're being called a 'multicultural environment', we are and have been for a long time, a Christian country.

"It offends me that the religious text of my country is being called inappropriate in its own country. Practising your own religion is completely fine, but accepting the religion of the area you live in as the norm is also important."

The Student Union survey found that only 4 per cent of respondents thought that placing Bibles in the residence halls was a "good idea."

The student council will convene later this month to determine whether to propose a removal of the Bibles to university officials.