Bible teacher fired from Christian radio ministry

Back to the Bible, a global web and radio Christian ministry based in Lincoln, Nebraska, have fired Dr John Munro as their radio Bible teacher, Christian Headlines reports.

The senior pastor of the Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina was fired, for "inappropriate conduct and behavior". There were no further details regarding the termination of Dr. Munro's employment.

He has been put on paid leave from Calvary Church, which has also announced to its 4,000 members that an investigator would be hired to look into an "H.R. complaint" against Munro.

Church elder Bill Bailey stated: "Because we, as elders, are charged with protecting our flock and seeking truth, we retained an outside investigator to assist us in gathering facts and information from all involved to ensure impartiality and neutrality." 

Dr Arnie Cole, CEO of Back to the Bible, said in an email that terminating Dr Munro's relationship with the 75-year-old programme was due to "behavior that is detrimental to Back to the Bible's mission of leading people closer to Jesus on a daily basis".

Cole described the decision as a "very difficult situation" and explained that Back to the Bible officials are in talks with a new Bible teacher. 

Neither the church nor the radio ministry have specified accusations made against Dr Munro. Bailey wrote a letter to the church's congregation asking them not to make speculations about the situation as gossip may expand "these already difficult circumstances". 

Dr Munro has served as a pastor for more than 20 years, according to Calvary Church. Dr Munro has been the senior pastor of Calvary Church since 2006.