Beth Moore calls 'Trumpism' dangerous

Beth Moore[Photo: Passion Conference]

Beth Moore has ignited a debate on social media about "Trumpism" and "Christian nationalism". 

In a divisive Twitter thread, the popular author and speaker said now was not the time for "mincing words" as she laid her concerns about support for Trump.

She argued that Christians were being seduced by Trumpism and "used" for political gain. 

"I'm 63 1/2 years old & I have never seen anything in these United States of America I found more astonishingly seductive & dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism," she said.

"This Christian nationalism is not of God. Move back from it." 

She then warned her fellow Christian leaders that they would be "held responsible for remaining passive in this day of seduction to save our own skin while the saints we've been entrusted to serve are being seduced, manipulated, USED and stirred up into a lather of zeal devoid of the Holy Spirit for political gain."

Moore suggested that Christians were just as vulnerable to that under a Biden presidency as a Trump one. 

"And, God help us, we don't turn from Trumpism to Bidenism," she continued.

"We do not worship flesh and blood. We do not place our faith in mortals. We are the church of the living God. We can't sanctify idolatry by labeling a leader our Cyrus. We need no Cyrus. We have a king. His name is Jesus." 

Her thread divided opinion on Twitter.  One astonishing response came from author and megachurch pastor Greg Locke, who wrote: "Ma'am, you've honest to God lost your mind. This trashy rhetoric is why America is in the place that she is.

"You say 'move away'. I rebuke you in the name of Christ. You are NO friend to babies, Israel, religious Liberty or the nuclear family. SIT DOWN."