Being cancelled 'saved my life', says Christian comedian John Crist

John Crist's comedy sketches are popular on YouTube(Photo: YouTube)

Christian comedian John Crist has opened up about being cancelled during a sexual misconduct scandal that nearly ended his career.

It has been four years since Crist was accused by several women of unwanted sexting and harassment.

At the time, Crist said he had not done everything he was being accused of but admitted he had "treated relationships with women far too casually, in some cases even recklessly", and that his behaviour had been "destructive and sinful".

The scandal resulted in him spending some time in therapy, cancelling his tour dates, and taking a break from social media.

Since returning to social media, his videos on YouTube have amassed millions of views between them and his stand-up comedy "Emotional Support Tour" has been a sell-out across the US.

Reflecting on his experience of being cancelled, Crist said in an interview with The Christian Post that it was "horrific" and "the worst thing on planet Earth". 

However, he also thinks the experience saved him. 

"I don't agree with the way it was done, but it did save my life," he said. "I'm now three and a half, four years past it, and I've been sober since that day."

Crist said he is also more relaxed now if people do not like his comedy.

"I think everybody has their own convictions about things, and I think that's fine," he said.

"I think if you say to me, 'I won't come to your shows or engage with your material because I believe it's across the line,' I'm OK with that.

"I used to not be. I used to want to explain to everybody, 'Well, no, I meant this,' but I now say, 'It's fine.'"