Bear Grylls played a special role in Russell Brand's baptism

Russell Brand with Bear Grylls and his friend Joe after his baptism in the River Thames.(Photo: Instagram/Russell Brand)

Assisting Russell Brand's baptism was a "privilege", survival TV star Bear Grylls has said. 

Brand was baptised in the River Thames last month. He posted a new photo of himself on his Instagram in the River Thames with Grylls and his friend Joe after taking the plunge. 

The three were pictured embracing waist-high in the water.

Brand affectionately captioned the post, "Me, Bear Grylls, The River Thames and of course, The Holy Spirit."

The ex-addict said in a recent Rumble video that he got baptised after realising that "the material world is not enough" and that chasing material pleasure had always left him "cold" and "wanting more". 

"You can never have enough of what you don't really want," he said. 

Brand, who is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct, said his baptism was an act of "surrender, undertaken in gratitude and in sincerity". In another online video he said it was an "opportunity to leave the past behind". 

"Week one as a Christian has been amazing," Brand said in a video. "The ceremony itself was incredible. I want to thank Bear Grylls and my mate Joe, the two men that stood either side of me and flanked me for the baptism itself."

Grylls is a committed Christian who has written books about faith and helped to promote the evangelistic Alpha Course.

Grylls was asked about his involvement in Brand's baptism by the Daily Mail. He told the newspaper it was a "privilege".

"Faith and spiritual moments in our lives are really personal," Grylls told the outlet. "But it is a privilege to stand beside anyone when they express a humble need for forgiveness and strength from above. Friendships when we go through tough times are worth so much."