'Battlefield: Hardline' release date early 2015 to add 'more innovation'

Battlefield HardlineEA Games

The "Battlefield: Hardline" release date has been pushed back to early 2015 because the game maker wants to add more innovation in the game.

"We moved it because we thought that more innovation could go in the game," EA chief executive Andrew Wilson.explained at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco. He further said that the release date of the video game was delayed in response to the feedback from its beta version.

"Battlefield: Hardline" was announced in July. The delay aims to buy developers some time to make the game better. The beta version was available only to PC and PS4 users, but Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 were not supported. Moreover, gamers who wished to install the beta version of the upcoming Battlefield game were required to have the previous Battlefield 4 on their systems. Beta players received a bunch of goodies such as weapon camo/skin, weapon sight, additional content, and a unique dog tag.

The delay of "Battlefield: Hardline" will benefit both the single player and the multiplayer modes of the game. The multiplayer mode will have new features involving the cops and criminals, which will enhance the Battlefield multiplayer experience. The single-player mode, on the other hand, will have more polished core features.

It was previously reported that the release of "Battlefield Hardline" will be on Oct. 21 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. But even with the release date pushed back, gamers can still place their pre-orders of the video game.

Last week, a 7-minute gameplay video of the game was spotted online, which excited a lot of fans. The game showed both the multiplayer mode and the single player mode, which revolves on a story about police corruption and drug cartel. The game will steer away from military operations – this time, the new Battlefield game packs a SWAT truck and robbers running away with a vault. This will deliver a new kind of crime fighting scenarios.