'Battleborn' news: Game to be released in May; 3 new characters join the roster

Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, Shayne and AuroxGearbox Software

Gearbox Software's highly anticipated shooter, "Battleborn," is set to release this coming May 3 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Just a few months shy of its launch, the developers have unveiled three new characters joining the game's roster: Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, and Shayne, who comes with her alien bond named Aurox.

According to a report from PC Gamer, Whiskey Foxtrot carries his own homemade tactical rifle as a primary weapon but he also carries sticky bombs as well as a "scrap cannon," which is believed to fire junk and other collected garbage. The character also has a "combat rhythm" feature, which raises attack damage after killing opponents.

Whiskey Foxtrot also has an Overdrive feature, which allows him to overload his magazine with more rounds and fire them in automatic succession. 

Kelvin is not a single entity but is described as a colony of alien microorganisms that have taken the form of a giant crystalline golem. Kelvin has the ability to use his fists to smash the ground and cause wide area-effect damage to anyone within range. 

The character also has the ability to create a cold wall and to sublimate, which allows him to turn from a solid golem into a gaseous form to travel fast. His Permafrost ability also gives Kelvin temporary shield boosts each time his abilities are activated.

Shayne and Aurox are described as a blend of both stealth and strength. The duo have the ability to use a deployable cloak, effectively rendering them invisible, and then strike at unsuspecting victims with powerful firepower. Aurox is also considered as the main melee weapon and shield for Shayne.

The duo also has a boomerang attack and can tag-team, which is basically Shayne teleporting Aurox to a specific point to cause massive damage.

"Battleborn" will be Gearbox Software's newest IP since the launch of their "Borderlands" series.