'Batman vs Superman' plot spoilers: What sparks conflict between the heroes?


Though it is still a year away, many folks are eager to find out how "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" will go. The plot has so far been kept under wraps meaning a lot of fans have to rely on rumors on how the movie will go.

There are some who feel that it may just be the real-life version of the animated film but knowning director Zack Snyder, that may not necessarily be followed to the letter.

First off is the question of how both heroes would do battle. Will it be Superman hunting down Batman or is it the other way around? Well right now, there are rumors which suggest both angles.

On the part of Superman, one rumor suggests that the Man of Steel would hunt down the Dark Knight. Why? Ask Lex Luthor.

Though both have been known to be arch enemies, Luthor will reportedly have a hand in conning Superman into going to Gotham and look for Batman.

Why? Apparently Batman is someone who has been seen more as a menace rather than a hero. So being the superhero he is, Superman wants to prove to all that he is on their side and that he is fighting for justice.

The other angle suggests Batman tracking down the Man of Steel to pay for the damage he had caused in Metropolis. Apparently this is with reference to the previous Superman: Man of Steel story although it seems a bit fuzzy how Batman gets mixed into this.

The best bet is that Lex Luthor could be the instigator of all this, something that isn't new for DC comic fans. Known for being the evil genius and manipulating people, a key thing to watch out here is how Lex would be introduced in the movie.

Remember that if "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" does pick of from the "Man of Steel" movie, there was no sight of Lex Luthor there. In the animated series, Lex already had an established rivalry with Superman which made sense.

So how does this happen in the upcoming movie? Well we have one year to wait and see.

"Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" is set to hit the big screen on March 25, 2016.