Barnabas Fund launches Christmas appeal

Barnabas Fund has launched an appeal to support Christians suffering food shortages this Christmas.

The funds raised will provide food for Christians experiencing discrimination or persecution, such as in Pakistan, where the arrest of Rimsha Masih on blasphemy charges forced Christians to flee from their homes.

Christians in conflict zones like Syria will also benefit from additional support this Christmas.

Barnabas Fund said Syrian Christians were being hit by a mounting humanitarian crisis triggered by the ongoing civil war.

"Targeted attacks by anti-government forces have displaced many Christians, forcing them to leave behind everything they own," said Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director, Barnabas Fund.

Those who have decided to remain are experiencing severe shortages of essential items like food, water, milk, medicines and fuel.

Other recipients of support this Christmas include victims of famine and natural disasters, and Christians struggling with spiralling food costs.

Barnabas Fund has recently added 880 new families to its feeding programme in Pakistan and will soon be supporting 100 Christian families in Bangladesh.

"As Christmas approaches, we remember those who are hungry, and especially those like our Lord and His family who have had to flee their homes because of persecution," said Mr Sookhdeo.

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