BarlowGirl Can't be Slient No Longer

|PIC1|Popular Christian rock group BarlowGirl will release their new album How Can We Be Silent in the United States July 24 via Fervent Records.

The band previously launched the "Speak Out" campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging fans to be bolder in expressing their faith.

Using blogs, devotionals, streaming music, and other downloads, the three-member band hopes to get listeners to share their own stories of salvation and healing to motivate others to stand up for Christ.

"We're not afraid to fight for what we believe in, and we're not going to back down," said band member Lauren Barlow. "God has put so much in us; we can't shut up about it."

Last year, BarlowGirl partnered with some of today's top Christian authors, evangelists and musicians to lead a 73-day campaign titled "Psalms 73".

Based on the 73rd chapter of the book of Psalms, and inspired by one of their favourite songs from their Another Journal Entry album, the online initiative featured daily studies and in-depth devotionals focused on the different names and aspects of God.

The latest campaign is the result of Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow's personal communication with fans since their music ministry began three years ago.

"Night after night fans pour out their hearts and we realise more than ever the hurt, abandonment, guilt, pain and disillusionment this generation is experiencing," said Lauren Barlow.

"How can we be silent when we have so much truth to heal a wounded spirit?" she added.