Bamboo toothbrushes and forks in the car: The Church of England's plastic free advice for Lent

Buy cheap, buy twice!

That was among the Church of England's advice urging worshippers to give up single-use plastics. The advice on how to cut environmental waste was sent to the CofE's 42 dioceses and contains a new tip for each day of Lent.

Parishioners were urged to use fountain pens rather than ball-points, keep music digitally rather than buying CDs and bring their own mugs for coffee after church.

David Attenborough's iconic Blue Planet II is proving pivotal in the approach to plastics.BBC

The Plastic-Less Lent campaign focuses on the call to 'care for God's creation' and has been backed by Caroline Spelman, the second church estates commissioner.

Each week has a separate theme with tips on how to cut down on plastic waste in food, clothing, travel and in the house.

Using a bamboo toothbrush, staying clear of the hotel mini bar and investing in quality clothing may seem some of the more bizarre options but they also include more mainstream recycling tips such as avoiding wet wipes, using reusable bags and giving up on plastic water bottles.

'Get in the habit of carrying your own cutlery with you and leaving a set in the car,' is one tip, marked for this Saturday.


Ruth Knight, the Church's environmental policy officer, said: 'The Lent challenge is about raising our awareness of how much we rely on single-use plastics and challenging ourselves to see where we can reduce that use.

'It ties in closely with our calling as Christians to care for God's creation.'

The Diocese of London added: 'David Attenborough has recently brought to everyone's attention the hideous damage being caused by our throwaway society to life in the oceans - where so much of our waste eventually ends up.

'This Lent let's give ocean creatures a better chance to renew themselves, free of our trash!'