'Bachelor in Paradise' season 2 spoilers: Love triangle, lies, and drama in episode 3


Things began to heat up in the first two episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 2, but it does not mean that those who will arrive on the exotic Mexican island in episode 3 already missed out on a lot of fun.

Spoiler site Reality Steve revealed that "The Bachelor" season 19's Samantha Steffan, Megan Bells, and Amber James get to join the rest of the women on the island to get the attention of the seven remaining men in episode 3. 

According to rumors, Joe Bailey ("The Bachelorette" season 11) is immediately smitten with Samantha as soon as she steps into Mexico's scenic Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita. This could pose a problem since Joe received a rose from Juelia Kinney ("The Bachelor" season 19) in episode 2. 

Joe and Samantha get a chance to spend time with each other as they pose for a PEOPLE magazine shoot. The pair appears to have an instant attraction for each other, but rumors claim that this is not the first time that they encounter one another. According to rumors, the two were already talking with each other even before the filming for "Bachelor in Paradise" season 2 began. This contradicts Samantha's first claims that she had never met anyone on the island prior to the start of the filming. Reality Steve said that Samantha's lies are going to be unveiled later in the episode. 

The consistent leak source for different reality shows on TV also revealed the result of the rose ceremony in the third episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 2. Based on the leak, Kirk DeWindt ("The Bachelorette" season 6) gives his rose to Carly Waddell ("The Bachelor" season 19); Joshua Alberts ("The Bachelorette" season 11) gives his rose to Tenley Molzahn ("The Bachelor" season 14); and Dan Cox ("The Bachelorette" season 9) gives his rose to Amber. Meanwhile, Jared gives his rose to Ashley Iaconetti ("The Bachelor" season 19), and Tanner Tolbert gives his to Jade Roper ("The Bachelor" season 19). Finally, Joe gives his rose to Samantha. 

In an unexpected twist, JJ Lane III ("The Bachelorette" season 11) gives his rose to Ashley Salter ("The Bachelor" season 19), but prior to the start of the show, he allegedly told his cast mates that he met someone back in Denver, Colorado and he wants to explore that option. That is why he decides to leave the island immediately after giving up his rose. 

Aside from JJ, Megan and Clare Crawley ("The Bachelor" season 18) gets eliminated from the show.

"Bachelor in Paradise" season 2 airs Mondays on ABC.