Ayesha Curry tweets inspiring messages after husband Steph's NBA loss: 'Always glory to God!'

Ayesha Curry (right) wears her husband Steph's basketball jacket to show her support for the Golden State Warriors.(Facebook/Ayesha Curry)

It was heartbreaking for Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry to lose the NBA finals on Sunday to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it is equally tough for his wife Ayesha to see her husband down in the dumps.

However, the Christian couple draw their strength and inspiration from God. As difficult as this loss might be, they know for certain that there will be better days ahead.

This optimistic attitude is evident in Ayesha's recent Twitter posts. After the Warriors' loss, she tweeted, "Everything according to [H]is plan. [A]lways Glory to God!!!!!!!!"

She also retweeted a message shared by Steph's sister Sydel:  "God and family always stay consistent. That's why I stay unbothered. Goodnight."

Ayesha also issued an inspiring message through the Golden State Warriors' Facebook page. "What an amazing run! Proud of our men! I wasn't a sports fan at all growing up, but watching my husband and the Dubs play the past seven years has been exhilarating and evoked a passion in me that I cannot put into words. I'm such a fan! At the end of the day I just feel like the little girl in "Remember the Titans" every game I attend... Passionate and ready to ‪#‎defendourground. I love this, can't get enough. Our guys are resilient and I know next season will bring forth even more amazement. Can't wait to watch next season. You guys are unmatched!!!!"

Meanwhile, Stephen has remained quiet on social media. What he did have was a heartfelt conversation with his second daughter Riley, who helped him gain perspective regarding his loss, according to Mercury News.

In the car ride home on Sunday night, he looked at his 3-year-old daughter and said, "We didn't win."

Riley did not cry or get upset, but simply answered her father, "I know. It's okay."

Steph acknowledges that he did not play his best during the finals, so it's something he has to come to terms with. "That's my own expectation and my own kind of self-assessment. I don't need anybody else to tell me that," he said. However, "that's not going to be the end of the story. That's just going to be a down chapter in the book."

"It's not over," the Christian athlete added. "Obviously, it's not how we wanted the season to end this year. But we are very, very confident, optimistic and excited knowing what we can accomplish going forward."