Atheists display foetus-shaped cookies at university pro-abortion rally, horrifying students

The foetus and sperm-shaped cookies displayed by the Skeptics Society at the University of North Georgia.(UNG Students for Life)

Pro-life students criticised an atheist group at the University of North Georgia (UNG) after the latter displayed foetus and sperm-shaped cookies at a pro-abortion rally on campus this week.

The North Georgia Skeptics Society displayed the cookies with different signs asking students to complete the sentence "Abortion should remain legal because ..."

Some students said abortion should remain legal because "a woman controls her own body," according to CBN News.

UNG Students for Life posted the photos on its Facebook page, saying the images were distasteful.

"Personally, I cannot imagine why one of your members felt it a decent or clever thing to dismember baby cookies by breaking off their heads. Even to simply allow that on your table was tasteless, irresponsible, and vile—there is absolutely no removing yourself from that," wrote Carly McCurry, president of Students for Life, in a letter addressed to Skeptics Society on Facebook.

She said anyone who saw the cookies should have been horrified.

"Indeed in a 20-week abortion, the arms, legs, and head are ripped and torn apart to the unimaginable pain of the pre-born person," she said.

McCurry said another photo showed more dismembered baby heads in plastic containers with the eyes marked with red colour.

"This display was more than crass—it was disturbing—and it is why people are reacting with as much horror as they are. In fact, I posted this to Planned Parenthood's Action Fund page and those who identify as pro-choice responded with anger, disapproval, and embarrassment," she added.

Georgia Right to Life representatives described the pro-abortion protest as "one of the most disturbing events they had ever attended."

McCurry narrated that one professor yelled at her to leave and checked her permits while the Skeptics Society was openly playing loud rap music that discussed holding women down and raping them.

She said she's sure that most members of the Skeptics Society hate the humour but it's a depiction of the black heart that exists in the pro-abortion movement.

Students for Life founder Lauren Melendez Clickner told CBN News that she hopes students will assess what they believe in abortion, adding that she thinks these students do not know the gravity of what they are doing.

"I see a lot of apathy in college students around the issue. Hopefully they'll start thinking more about it," she said.