Atheist explains why he sells 'I met God, she's black' T-shirts

(Photo: Rooftops NYC)

Dylan Chenfeld, a self-proclaimed Jewish atheist, created something of a ruckus when he started selling controversial t-shirts with the slogan "I met God, She's Black."

The 21-yr-old Chenfeld decided to print the slogan on shirts and sell them online at for $30 each. They proved a hit and even celebs have snapped them up.

According to Chenfeld's interview with Huffington Post, he likes the idea that the t-shirts can stimulate debate about God.

For centuries, God has been depicted as a white male and that viewpoint doesn't sit well with some in the modern era.

Chenfeld started printing and selling his shirts a year ago and posted signs of the same slogan across Manhattan in recent weeks, with the controversial topic gaining popularity on Facebook and particularly gaining traction in the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Huffington Post, the slogan definitely made good business for Chenfeld. He even managed to photograph celebrities like Drake and Cara Delevingne wearing his shirts to help his promotion.

"I like poking fun at sacred cows," Chenfeld told HuffPost. "I'm taking the idea that God is a white male and doing the opposite of that, which is a black woman."

Chenfeld further told the press that his journey started early while growing up in a Jewish family. He had been asking a lot of questions about God and viewed some religious traditions in his family background as sexist - like excluding girls from their own bat mitzvah. At age 13, he decided Judaism and other religions were not for him.

"Sometimes when you get really religious, it becomes sexist and that's when I tap out," Chenfeld says. "And that's why I've never been a super religious person."