'Arrow' season 4 spoilers: Felicity falls into Darhk's clutches in episode 9 'Dark Waters'


The next episode of "Arrow" season 4 will see the love of Oliver's life in serious trouble. The installment is called "Dark Waters," where fans will witness the wrath of ruthless HIVE leader Damien Darhk after Oliver exposes his sinister plans to all of Star City.

In the suspenseful promo, Darhk crashed the mayoral candidate's holiday party. With an effortless sleight of hand, Oliver is flying across the room without even getting the chance to attack Darhk, who has now commenced his grand plan to reduce the city to ruins.

In the "Arrow" season 4 clip, the merciless big bad declares his plans for Star City. "Every now and then, humanity needs a reset, a do-over. And that time has come," Darhk can be heard saying in the promo.

The next scenes show his men from HIVE wreaking havoc, showering everyone with a barrage of bullets and assaulting anyone and everyone. But more than doing the honor of obliterating the entire city, Darhk has developed the craving for watching Oliver suffer.

This is why in this "Arrow" season 4 installment, Darhk will use Felicity as his leverage over Oliver. "The best way to teach someone a lesson isn't to punish them. As long as they are alive, they have something to fight for. That is what I am taking away from you," he tells Oliver.

Felicity looks helpless in the promo, worrying fans that she might meet her demise soon. In the fast-moving clip, Felicity, with horror very evident in her, tells Oliver she loves him as if it was the last time she will ever be able to tell him that. She is locked up in a glass chamber as she does.

The amount of danger in this "Arrow" season 4 episode has fans thinking that the person in the grave Oliver is mourning in the flash-forward shown back in the premiere episode of the season will end up being Felicity.

Whether or not Felicity will bite the dust soon, viewers will know when "Arrow" season 4 episode 9 "Dark Waters" airs Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.