'ARMS' update 5.2 news: New update brings players a new party crash mode and character upgrades

NintendoUpdate 5.2 for unique fighting game "ARMS" now live for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch's unique fighting title "ARMS" is serving fans with new additions integrated in its most recent 5.2 update -- a new mode feature and various character enhancements.

The update, which is now live, will bring a new Party Crash mode into the mix called "Big Time Arms." This new mode, which is now regularly usable in battles, will deal three times the damage to opponents. Users can activate this new feature by toggling the Y button, can be used in versus fights, but it is not available when it comes to online matches.

Besides this, the update will also remedy some gameplay bugs that have been plaguing the game, and which players have requested fixes for. These include scenarios such as fighters wearing super armor whose ARMS are not disabled after an electric rush attack, and the issue wherein the noise would play repeatedly when the connection is disconnected and while Dr. Coyle has her extra arms extended.

Other than this, players can also look forward to new content inside the much-talked-about update. Nintendo has released 15 new images in the gallery that players can admire and appreciate.

Lastly, the game update will also bring various enhancements to characters some of which are Springtron getting heavier but specifications are improved, Lola Pop's increased movement speed when jumping, getting rid of Nade's self-destruct when performing a rush attack, Bubb getting an increased charge attack speed, and others.

If interested, readers can view the full patch notes for the update by clicking on this link here. A guide to updating your game on the switch is also included.

"ARMS" debuted June of last year exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Since then, it has amassed rave reviews from critics and gamers alike for its unique four-player match-ups, where up to four players can fight against each other simultaneously. It also differentiates itself from other fighting games primarily because of its goofy appeal and each characters' extendable arms that they use for fighting.