Anne Graham Lotz: We're 'reaching point of no return' and soon 'judgment will fall'

Anne Graham Lotz says bad things are 'ratcheting up' in the world in preparation for the 'return of Jesus.'(

Billy Graham's daughter Anne Graham Lotz has expressed deep concern about the current state of the world, what with radical Islamic terrorism, economic instability, and disturbing weather patterns now threatening the lives of people.

During a recent radio interview with Janet Mefferd, she said these things are "God's wake-up calls" for people to pray, because people are now living near the point of no return "and judgment will fall."

"I have to pray, and pray with seriousness and earnestness for our nation, and not only for America," she said. "I pray for Jerusalem, I pray for Israel, I pray for our world, and I pray for the revival of God's people – that God would wake them up. And that may be what San Bernardino is about, or Brussels, or Paris, you know."

Lotz said bad things are "ratcheting up" in the world in preparation for the "return of Jesus."

However, she said the world hasn't seen the worst of things yet. The founder of Angel Ministries said things are going to get really ugly first before Jesus makes His second coming.

Her greatest fear is that "something drastic would happen to our nation, whether it was a nuclear strike or ISIS popping up all over the place or something – the economy collapsing – and to know that I had sensed something bad was coming but I didn't do anything about it."

Fortunately, Lotz said things are not as hopeless as they seem. People can still turn from their wretched ways and find salvation in God. "I don't think it's too late yet," she said. "But I believe we're reaching that tipping point. I honestly believe we're dangerously close to reaching a point where there'll be no return and judgment will fall."