Anglican women commit to spreading 'whole Gospel'

A group of 35 Anglican women theological educators from across the globe have affirmed their commitment to promote theological education for women in order to spread “the whole Gospel”.

The women, from as far afield as Fiji and Myanmar, reaffirmed their commitment at a meeting at the International Study Centre in Canterbury.

At the conclusion of the gathering earlier this week, the women said they felt challenged to help “change the world”.

They referred to the words of clergyman the late Max Warren, who once said, “It takes the whole world to know the whole Gospel”.

With those words in mind, the women said they felt that the theological perspective of women was essential and needed to be shared as part of proclaiming the “whole Gospel”.

The conference was also briefly attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, as well as representatives of UK organisations which joined to “hear and reflect … on the opportunities and problems that women may encounter in their roles as theological educators".

As well as discussing the various issues and concerns that women face as theological educators around the world, the conference ended with “a strong commitment to work together to develop and improve theological education for women in the Anglican Communion”.

The women committed to improving mentoring, networking and standards for women theological educators, and the goal of setting up a global Anglican theological academy for women in leadership.