Amy Duggar King says cousins Jill, Jessa 'almost upset' that she didn't have baby yet after Cancun honeymoon

Amy and Dillon King had the time of their lives in their lavish honeymoon in Mexico.(Instagram/Amy Rachelle King)

Amy Duggar King is unlike any of her cousins Jill and Jessa Duggar from the former TLC show "19 Kids and Counting." While the two were keen on getting pregnant right after getting married, Amy chose to enjoy her marriage first with Dillon King prior to enjoying the joys of motherhood.

In fact, after she and Dillon came back from their honeymoon in Cancun, her cousins eagerly asked if she might be pregnant, but her response disappointed them.

"There's no honeymoon baby," she told Us Magazine. "My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, 'Are you pregnant?' And I was like, 'Uh, no.' And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked! They were...almost upset, you know? (We're) definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon."

Amy clarified that she would love to be a mother, but just not now. At the same time, she said they will not be following the example set by their uncle and aunt Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and have many children.

"We don't want a lot of kids. I think (Dillon) will be an awesome dad and I can't wait to be a mom someday, but we've got so many little cousins to love on and so many little kiddos that we don't feel like we're missing out," she explained. "Right now, it's like, let's just not."

Meanwhile, Amy also talked about Josh's wife Anna, who is now coping with the discovery that her husband cheated on her using the website Ashley Madison.

"She's good," Amy shared. "I talk to her a lot. She's doing good. She's strong. I wouldn't be handling it quite the same way."

Prior to getting married, Amy even went out of her way to cheering Anna up by treating her to a manicure and pedicure.