'American Horror Story' season 5: Hotel Cortez's daily rates revealed by Denis O'Hare


While "American Horror Story: Hotel" is still being filmed, more updates about the critically-acclaimed FX horror anthology series are being released by various media sites. There is also a series of teasers posted on the show's official Twitter account showing how creepy the next season of the series will be once it is aired. 

Most recently, a short clip titled "Jeepers Peepers" was unveiled, and it shows an eerie-looking eye peeping through the keyhole of a door in the fictional Hotel Cortez where the events of the "AHS" season 5 takes place.

Another clip shows a stained mattress haunting the hotel's corridor with an eye poking from the inside. Another one shows a "Children of the Corn"-inspired clip wherein blonde kids are seen huddled around the stairwells of the hotel. 

Meanwhile, actor Denis O'Hare recently revealed how much it costs for a guest to stay in the infamous Hotel Cortez, owned by Lady Gaga's socialite character called The Countess. The veteran actor posted a picture on his Twitter account that shows the daily rate of the hotel, which goes from as low as $30 for a single room for one person, $65 for a double room that can accommodate two persons, up to $90 for the Parlor Suites that contain an individual sitting room, bedroom and bath. 

The photo also gives a glimpse at the actor's costume for this season of "American Horror Story." After portraying a murderous con artist named Stanley in "AHS: Freakshow," the versatile actor now plays the role of a cross dressing hotel bar staff named Liz Taylor.

O'Hare, who wears a black skirt and has gold-painted nails in the photo, explained that his character is different from the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. Instead, the role that he is portraying for the series is a movie icon who is inspired by the original actress' works. The actor also revealed in an interview with Xfinity that he had to undergo a lot of cosmetic enhancements for his role.

"Many parts of my body are shaved. [laughs] I've shot three episodes," he said. "We're kind of doing it piecemeal. You'll do five days on this one, three days on that one. You know, they always start out rocking. There's no warm-up. You're in it." 

O'Hare is part of the star-studded cast that also includes other "AHS" veterans Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Finn Wittrock, as well as several series newcomers like Darren Criss, Naomi Campbell, Max Greenfield, as well as Lady Gaga. 

"American Horror Story: Hotel" will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 7, on FX.