AMD Polaris GPU release date: Computex 2016 to showcase new AMD products?

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AMD recently announced a live stream event for May 31, at Computex 2016. They did not reveal exactly what will be shown in this livestream, but most of their past events were reserved for launching heavy product lines. This is exactly why there are several rumors assuming that this PC giant will be revealing something heavy to fight back against Nvidia's brand new $600 graphics cards.

According to PC World, Raja Koduri, a Radeon graphics expert, is hosting the event beside Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD. They also announced their Polaris-based product lines last January, which were said to start shipping around mid-2016. Their main competitor, Nvidia, recently released their GeForce GTX 1080, which means that AMD has to reveal an excellent product in order to keep up. All of these signs, along with various rumours, indicate AMD preparing a more affordable Polaris-based Radeon graphics card which may be just as advanced as Nvidia's.

However, the most concrete information so far is that AMD promised Polaris updates, which may mean entirely something else from this company. If they are going to release a GPU at all, it might be something more affordable than Nvidia's. AMD also offers APUs, accelerated processing units, which will definitely be featured in this livestream. After announcing their next-gen "Bristol Ridge" products, AMD said to wait for more information on the APUs this coming May 31.

Yibada believes that the new Polaris 11 GPU might be called the Radeon R9 480X. AMD is still keeping quiet about their plans for any of their Polaris-based GPUs. They will, however, definitely unveil the new Polaris 10 and 11 GPUs, along with their A-series processors. As per AMD standards, these Radeon video cards are going to be just as affordable as the previous ones, which will make this year a tough battle for both AMD and Nvidia.