Am I Really Anointed to Do Great Things?


I've seen and heard of many Christians who want to receive an "anointing" to do great things. Do you want one, too?

Let me share an open secret with you: You're already anointed to do great things if you're in Christ.

What Is an Anointing?

Many Christians mistake an anointing for some sort of feeling of being "spiritual." What I know is that an anointing is simply a divine empowering to do something that God wants to be done.

The word "anoint" simply means to "smear or rub something with (a substance)," or to "ceremonially confer divine or holy office upon." People who were anointed in the Bible often held significant roles.

Saul and David, for example, were anointed to become kings of Israel, each in their own time. The Lord Jesus Himself said that He was anointed to preach the good news to the poor (see Luke 4:18; Isaiah 61:1).

One thing I do understand is that being anointed by God meant receiving a task from Him. Let's see what we can learn from Saul, David, and Jesus about anointings.

1. Saul: Being Obedient Is More Important Than Being Anointed

Saul was anointed by Samuel alright (see 1 Samuel 10), but he soon fell into disgrace by being disobedient to God. Being obedient to the Lord is more important than having hundreds of ministers lay their hands and pour out gallons of anointing oil in your head.

How's your relationship with God? Are you obedient to His Word and Spirit? Your relationship with and obedience to Him is far more important than the "anointing" to do great things.

2. David: God Doesn't Qualify People Based on Outward Appearance

When God told Samuel to anoint young David, He told him to not look at the outward appearance because He looks at the heart (see 1 Samuel 16:1-13). This simply means that if you don't look like a preacher, sound like a good worship singer, and act like a pastor, it doesn't matter! If you're in Christ, you're a representative of God, and can do great things for His glory and praise.

3. Jesus: Doing God's Will Is What You Should Be After

Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, came to earth to do just one thing: the will of the Father. He didn't need a Pharisee to anoint Him, nor the people's approval to launch Him in ministry. All that He needed was the Father's Word and approval, and the power of the Holy Spirit (see Matthew 3:16-17).

So Am I Anointed?

This brings me to the title of this article. Are you anointed? If you're in Christ, adopted as a child of God in Christ, and have the indwelling Holy Spirit through Christ, then by all means you are anointed to do great things.

Friend, because of Christ's death we have been given a task. 2 Corinthians 5:15 tells us that because He died for us, we must live for Him. We must spread the good news of His love, which is the greatest thing that we can do here on earth.

In Christ, God has given all that you need to live a life of godliness (2 Peter 1:3). God has given you all that you need to be His ambassador that will bring men to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:11-21). God has given you all the backing that you need to preach the gospel to all creation (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; John 14:16, 26; Acts 1:8).

If you are in Christ, you are anointed to do great things for His glory.