Alice Cooper: 'TV evangelism is one of Satan's greatest weapons'


Alice Cooper, the rocker who returned to Christianity in the 1980s, has warned that the devil is "very smart" and that TV evangelism is one of his "greatest weapons," according to CNS.

Cooper was the son of a Pastor, but lost his faith during his rock career which pinacled with his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He returned to faith during the 1980s and describes himself as "the real Prodigal son".

Cooper said the devil was cunning and tempts televangelists into sin, in order to make a mockery of Christianity.

"TV evangelism is one of Satan's greatest weapons. They put these guys on a pedestal and all of a sudden they get caught with a prostitute and every Christian I know then, is under the gun.

"So you don't think that's kind of a set up? Yeah, I'm telling you, the Devil is very smart.

"He's not going to come out with the horns and the tail, he's going to come in as the slickest car salesman you ever saw. I've seen some pretty slick pastors on TV."

Cooper maintains that throughout his career, even when he didn't have an active faith, his songs "have totally got all kinds of Christian bywords going all the way through it, because it comes out of you.

"Even when I wasn't a Christian I was saying... 'God and the Devil, don't pick the Devil, because it's a bad idea.'"

Commenting on trying to be a faithful Christian in the rock-and-roll industry, he said it is not easy, because though God puts "your soul at ease," day to day life is made harder.

Cooper likened his life to that of Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale and then spat out again.

"People laugh at me and say, 'well, you know, you can't really believe that,' and I go, 'If I can believe that God created the world and created everything in it, then why wouldn't I believe in a simple thing like that?'"