'Agent Carter' season 2 spoilers, latest update: Showrunners say they 'left room for other things to happen'

Agent CarterWikimedia Commons

After the sacrificial death of Chief Dooley in the penultimate episode of "Agent Carter" season 1, Peggy and the rest of the S.S.R. members are now on the move to capture Ivchenko, discovered to be the mind-controlling rogue Doctor Faustus. Using Howard Stark's rage gas (which the hypnotized chief stole for him), the villain plans to wreak havoc alongside a menacing assassin known as Dottie. 

When all the action transpires, "Agent Carter" fans are left to wonder if Peggy will continue to tell her tales and risk her life on deadly missions. 

"We've left room for other things to happen, which is not to say that in future seasons we would have to go into that particular story. The thing about this show is the way that it's been conceived is there's so many avenues you could go down that aren't married to anything. But there's certainly little threads out there that have still not been tied up," executive producer Michele Fazekas told TV Guide

It is said that the season simply lays out more for the show. Screen Rant says that season 1 was meant to introduce Peggy as the co-founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how she ran the organization early on, which means that more of her chronicle is bound to be retold. On the other hand, TV Series Finale claims that a second season is unlikely due to the show's viewership (1.5 in the demo and 5.16 million), although the site says that Disney may go for another round as "Agent Carter" is tied with movies and projects. 

Meanwhile, the executive producers teased that a "little more vulnerable" Howard will be seen in the finale, with his guilt of his involvement in the problem eating him up. However, he is still the same self-serving guy everyone knew and his "very big role" in "Valediction" will be exciting to see. Furthermore, the season will also culminate to the ultimate showdown between Peggy and Dottie. 

"What I like about the fight is that out of all the people she's fought over the past eight episodes, and there's been quite a few, Dottie's probably her most formidable opponent. So I think that's really fun. But there's going to be a loose end at the end of the fight," Fazekas teased about the big fight.