Activists want age verification on Bible content

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Is the Bible a source of adult content? A group of internet activists believes so.

In an unexpected twist, they are advocating for age verification on websites hosting the Bible, leveraging recently enacted state laws against internet pornography.

The recent implementation of anti-pornography laws in the US state of Virginia, aimed at safeguarding minors from explicit content, has ignited a debate about the accessibility of specific passages within the Bible.

The anti-pornography laws, intended to restrict access to explicit content, mandate websites to verify the age of their visitors, ensuring they are 18 years or older. This extends beyond video platforms to include any site with explicit material, including religious texts.

Activists have leveraged this legislation, contending that websites hosting biblical content should also implement age verification measures.

They contend that young readers stumbling upon graphic content in religious texts should have the same protections as those encountering explicit material.

Spurred by a Reddit post that cites Ezekiel 23:20 on, they are filing complaints with the Virginia Attorney General's office.

Earlier this year, Utah parents successfully lobbied to have the Bible temporarily removed from school shelves, though the decision was later reversed.

Duncan Williams is outreach director for the Christian Free Press and has worked for Son Christian Media here in the UK and Recovery Network Radio in the United States. He is an ordained minister and a long-term member of Christians in Media. He provides content and syndicated news for regional publisher